Christmas 2019 - Raw Bites Essentials (8 items)

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  • 8 single-sized healthy snacks
  • Our bestselling nuts & nibbles starter pack into getting healthy
  • Carton box sealed with sticker sleeve (choose from 3 designs!)
  • Free delivery anywhere in the Philippines


  1. Raw Bites Raw Almonds 60g
  2. Raw Bites Raw Cashews 50g
  3. Raw Bites Pumpkin Seeds 60g
  4. Raw Bites Sunflower Seeds 60g
  5. Raw Bites Chia Seeds 70g
  6. Raw Bites Goji Berries 50g
  7. Raw Bites Golden Flax Seeds 65g
  8. Raw Bites Cacao Nibs Coated w/ Coco Nectar 60g


  • Shipping starts on Dec. 1, 2019 unless otherwise requested. Please indicate in the notes section which date you prefer
  • By default, boxes will NOT be sealed with the sticker sleeve. It will be put in the package separately. Please indicate in the notes section as well if you want the box to be sealed. Kindly note once the sticker it put on, it cannot be opened (only by the recipient).

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