DASH Drinks Bundle (4 x 330ml)

by Dash
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Best Before: Apr 2023

Fresh spring waters of Britain are now available in the country because of Dash Water. Served in colorful and funky cans, Dash Water has no sugar, sweeteners, or calories.

They also strive to minimize food waste - food products that are deemed “imperfect in appearance” and therefore not suitable to be sold in the market. They infuse the sparkling spring water with “wonky fruit and vegetables”, giving flavor and fizz to what would otherwise be normal spring water.

Dash Water's British sparkling spring water is infused with whole, wonky fruits & vegetables for a crisp dash of flavour.

  • No Sweeteners
  • Zero Calories
  • British Spring Water
  • Crafted in the UK

This bundle includes the following:


Cucumber: Carbonated Spring Water, Cucumber Extract, Natural Flavouring and Citric Acid

Raspberry: Carbonated Spring Water, Raspberry Extract, Natural Flavouring and Citric Acid

Lemon: Carbonated Spring Water, Lemon Extract, Natural Flavouring and Citric Acid

Peach: Carbonated Spring Water, Natural Flavourings, Peach Extract, Acid; Malic Acid

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