Earn Rewards

Our rewards program is designed to give you the best value from your membership. You can earn points by subscribing, gifting the subscription box, sharing our store on your social networks, social follows, referring customers, or giving feedback on the products in the box.

Earn bite crumbs for completing the actions below

  • 1 bite crumb
    for every ₱1 spent

  • 250 bite crumbs
    for every monthly survey completed

  • 250 bite crumbs
    for social shares

  • 10000 bite crumbs
    for every successful referral

Claiming Your Reward

Bite Crumbs can be used to purchase a subscription. Note that you need to complete the amount of bite crumbs needed to use it against a purchase.

Every last day of the month, we'll send you an email with your accumulated bite crumbs. If you don't earn enough points for a purchase, your balance will roll over into the next month.

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Accessing your rewards account

To access your rewards account, login to your Raw Bites account by clicking on the person icon at the upper right corner of the page.

In your MY ACCOUNT page, you will see your Raw Bites Rewards after your Order History.

There, you can also see your unique referral link. You can only use this link to referral rewards.

Subscribe now and start earning bite crumbs!

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