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Raw Bites provides access to a range of sustainable wholesome food products through our subscription box. We carefully source the best healthy snacks with proven success from various parts of the world and deliver them to your doorstep, every month. Choose from our different boxes and subscription plans to get started.

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Our Philosophy Our Philosophy

We promote living a holistic lifestyle. Every step of what we think, say or do could make an impact in our world – whether it be our personal lives, the people surrounding us or the environment we live in. Our practices and beliefs are all reflections of how we choose to live our lives.

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We believe that clean eating and organic foods fuel our bodies. To assist you in your journey to cleaner eating, enjoy our selection of products that you can incorporate in your daily snacking habit. We will also share healthy recipes featuring hearty ingredients that can easily be replicated in your own homes.


We believe that no one is too busy, there’s always time for a better you. Make time for things that will add to your day whether it’s decluttering, exercising, or meditating. At home or at work, let us maximize the space we live in and breathe together. We want to help you de-stress and achieve a more peaceful life through our suggestive tips you can find in our journal.


We believe in community engagement. Developing the mind is as important as having a fit and functional body. Be a subscriber and find other like-minded holistic people by joining our events and workshops that we will be hosting throughout the year.