7Grains Freeze Dried Fruit Crisps 30g

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Best Before: 15 Aug 2021

Freeze dried fruit crisps are made of 100% real fruit with nothing else added for guilt-free snacking.

Freeze dry technology retains at least 90% of fruit nutrients compared to other drying methods like dehydration or baking that loses 50% or more of its nutrients during the heating process.

Can be easily rehydrated or pulverized for smoothies, toppings, or an anytime snack. Eat with desserts, toss in with some yummy oatmeal, serve as cereal topper, or a lunchbox treat.

  • Chock-full of fiber that aids in digestion
  • Good source of Vitamin C
  • Excellent source of Potassium
  • No Preservatives / No Coloring
  • No Sugar added
  • Rich in important antioxidants, flavonoids, and dietary fiber

Apple, Mango, Banana

Nutrition per 10g (1/3 cup)
Energy 40 kcal
Protein Less than 1g
Carbohydrates 8.0g
     of which sugars 6.0 g
Fat 0g
Sodium 10mg

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