Rude Health Barista Series (Almond and Oat) with FREE Granell Coffee Pods (5 pods)

Save 12%

Each bundle comes with a 2 x Rude Health 1L Barista Milk (Almond and Oat) and FREE Granell Coffee Pods (5 capsules, random flavour).

A match made for coffee.

You called, we answered. Our Barista Almond has almonds for a nutty flavour, oats for a creamy texture and a drop of natural sunflower lecithin to marry them perfectly with coffee.

Just call us the caffeine cupid.

Spring water, Organic oats, Organic almonds (3%), Organic sunflower lethicin, Sea salt

BARISTA OAT (BBD: 22 Jul 2022)
These oats were made for coffee.

Because we believe in great lattes, we’ve added a tiny bit of seaweed (yes, really!) to our Barista Oat. It tones down the acidity and allows oat and bean to blend together in velvety harmony.

Coffee, meet your match.

Spring Water, Organic Oats (14%), Organic Sunflower Oil, Sea Salt

Rude Health Barista Milks are:

  • Without Thickeners
  • Organic
  • Dairy Free
  • No Added Sugar

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