Candid Coffee Black Forest 250g


Roast Date: 

  • Ground: 24 Jan 2022
  • Whole Bean: 14 Mar 2022

Candid is a 3rd wave coffee roasting company that focuses on making fresh & premium coffee, sourced from overseas, and local.

Who says you can't have cake in the morning? Treat yourself and celebrate everyday because life is too short for bad coffee. Enjoy the chocolatey-berry goodness with this fully developed espresso blend that pairs perfectly with your favorite milk.

FLAVOR NOTES: cherry, berries, chocolate ganache, cake

  • Origin #1: Misty Valley
  • Origin #2: Sitio Neptune
  • Natural Process
  • Roast Level: Espresso (Med Dark - Dark)

Storage Temp: 21C, Container: Airtight

Can last for a year if unopened. To guarantee freshness, we recommend consumption within 3 months after the packaging has been opened.

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