Coco Dolce 65% Dark Chocolate with Chili 45g

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Best Before: 5 Mar 2021

NOTE: It is the buyer's responsibility to assume damage (i.e. deformity) for the chocolates. We try our best to select the faster courier service to for this product; however, given that the chocolates are not transported in a chilled container, we strongly urge that you refrigerate or place the chocolates first in a cool room before consuming. 

Introducing a healthy and organic food, our line of delicious and creamy chocolates, Coco Dolcé Chocolates sweetened by our 100% Organic Coconut Sap Sugar that has a low glycemic index which make it safe for diabetic, all community-traded from tropical Mindanao.

Made by Artisan from bean to bar using the traditional conching method. Coco Dolcé Chocolate is a healthy and yummy gourmet chocolate that you will love to indulge again and again.

A unique twist to the favorite dark chocolate, Coco Dolcé dark chocolate with chili has the same intense cacao taste of dark chocolate but with a surprising aftertaste of chili. Made by artisans from bean to bar using the traditional conche method, Coco Dolce chocolate is a healthy and yummy gourmet chocolate that you would love to indulge in again and again.

  • Diabetic Friendly
  • No Added Artificial Sugar
  • Fair Trade

Ingredients: Cacao beans, Chili, Cocoa Butter, Organic Coconut Sap Sugar, Virgin Coconut Oil, and Vanilla

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