CRU Kafe Organic Intense Roast Nespresso Capsules (10 pods)


Best Before: Feb 2022

CRU delivers organic coffee with exceptional flavour, in an ethical and convenient way.

Half Kerala Robusta and half Sumatran Mandheling, this short, sharp espresso mixes deep earthy spices with high notes of molasses and nuts, all topped with a deliciously rich & thick crema. Enjoyed as a short, sharp espresso.

Punchy & Powerful...

A bold & adventurous coffee with a powerful body that dominates the palate, our Intense blend can be enjoyed as either a short, black espresso or a longer drink when mixed with milk. With more caffeine than our arabica blends, it also works well as a pre- or post-workout coffee, giving you a shot of energy to fuel your workout when you most need it.

A word of warning, however - Be careful not to pour this coffee too long. Robusta is more soluble than Arabica, and over-extraction will leave you with a bitter, burnt cup of coffee.

  • Body: Heavy
  • Acidity: Low-Medium
  • Sweetness: Low
  • Bitterness: Intense
  • Organic & Fair Trade


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