Dr Stuart's Throat Relief Tea (15 bags / 24g)


Best Before: 2 Jul 2023 / 16 Oct 2023

Dr Stuart's is a range of natural, functional teas blended in UK but the world-leading ethno-botanist Dr Malcom Stuart - often heralded as "the father of modern herbalism".

Dr Stuarts is the only UK tea brand to use active botanical herbs, meaning that all of their functional ingredients are of the highest quality, indeed only one grade below medicinal grade herbs. This ensures the very highest essential-oil content to maximize the medicial impact of the blend.

  • A delicious herbal unfusion of pure peppermint leaves to help you digest even the most extravagant meals.
  • Sip or gargle this blend of marshmallow & sage to relieve a sore, infected throat
  • Active Botanical Herbs

Liquorice Root, Cinnamon (18%), Marshmallow Root (17%), Plantain Leaves, Myrtle Leaves, Sage, Cloves

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