Healthy Choice Quinoa Flour 350g


Best Before: 15 Jun 2022

Quinoa flour is naturally gluten-free, our flour is milled from premium 100% whole grain white quinoa so you get all the nutrients you normally do with the whole seed. Substitute a portion of the white flour in baked goods for a protein and fiber boost.

Quinoa flour has a distinctive earthy, naturally nutty and slightly sweet flavor and appeals to anyone interested in deliciously baked goods. This flour is easily adapted to a broad range of healthy baking recipes, from desserts to flatbread, pancake, muffins to breads and can also be added directly to soups and stews as a thickening agent.


  • Because of its unique quinoa taste (earthy, nutty flavor) you may want to begin with recipes that feature other bold flavors, such as dark molasses, cocoa powder or a mix of strong spices. The more familiar you become with quinoa flour, the more you will love the unique flavor it imparts to recipes.
  • Raw quinoa flour can have a strong flavor – you may wish to toast it either in a low oven or in a skillet over medium-high heat before use in recipes to make it mellower.

White Quinoa 100%

Nutrition per 28g
Energy 110 kcal
Protein 4.0g
Carbohydrates 18.0g
     of which sugars 0 g
Fat 1.5g
Sodium 2.0mg

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