KOKA Signature Tom Yum Instant Noodles [2 bowls x 90g] (No MSG, No Preservatives)


Best Before:  30 Mar 2025

Sold in 2s.

A marriage of aromatic Thai herbs and spices, KOKA Signature Tom Yum noodles pack a punch in taste with no added MSG, and is the go-to choice for those who like their noodles spicy with the hint of lemongrass.

Health Benefits:

  • No MSG
  • No Preservatives
  • No Artificial Colouring

        Noodles: Wheat Flour, Tapioca Starch, Palm Oil, Salt

        Seasoning: Salt, Sugar, Canola Oil, Seafood Extract (Shrimp, Fish, Scallop, Salt), Hydrolyzed Soy Protein, Citric Acid, Chili, Garlic, Lemongrass, Lime Leaf Flakes, Disodium 5’ribonucleotide (from Tapioca Starch), Flavor, Paprika Oil, Chili Oil

        Garnishes: Dehydrated Shrimp, Chives, Chilli Flakes

        Nutrition per 90g (1 bowl)
        Energy 410 kcal
        Protein 9.0g
        Carbohydrates 54.0g
            of which sugars 7.0g
        Fat 18.0g
            of which saturates 8.0g
        Fiber 2.0g
        Sodium 1620mg

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