La Barraca Oregano 8g

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Best Before: 30 Nov 2023

Since 1912, La Barraca has cherished the best tradition in spice production in Spain. La Barraca's range of spices and infusions is today synonymous with all that is natural and traditional.

La Barraca offers all our customers a range of up to 60 condiments and spices to choose from, and this makes up one of the most complete ranges to be found in the world. From saffron to pepper, oregano, nutmeg, rosemary, and seasonings which give dishes the most exquisite traditional flavour you are ever likely to experience. This is our contribution to your kitchen.

  • An assertive, woodsy and slightly peppery flavor. It is a staple culinary herb, used primarily in Italian-American cuisine.
  • Yellow-green to brown
  • Small, irregular flakes

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