MOMA Coconut & Chia Instant Porridge Pots 55g

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Best Before: 1 Oct 2021

Our Coconut & Chia Porridge Pots are made using a delicious blend of jumbo and fine gluten free oats and coconut milk powder. This means they’re 100% dairy and gluten free, making them the perfect vegan breakfast.

Enjoy an easy on-the-go breakfast. We’re big on flavour at MOMA, and this coconutty brekkie pot is no exception. This Coconut and Chia Porridge Pot is jam-packed full of coconut pieces and nutrition packed chia seeds.

These handy pots are great for mornings when you’re in a rush. Forget grabbing those calorie-filled pastries from a cafe, just add a splash of boiling water to one of these porridge pots, give it a quick stir and pop the lid back on to enjoy when you’re ready.

Here’s one for the super foodies! We’ve loaded this porridge pot with super nutritious chia seeds. Plus there's no added sugar!

  • Dairy free - Vegan friendly & free from dairy
  • Gluten Free
  • No Added Sugar

Wholegrain Gluten Free Oats (77%), Coconut Milk Powder (11%) (coconut milk (79%), tapioca maltodextrin, modified potato starch), Desiccated Coconut (8%), Chia Seeds (2.5%), Natural Flavouring

Nutrition per 100g
per pot
Energy 403 kcal 242 kcal
Protein 10.6g
Carbohydrates 55.1g 33.1g
     of which sugars 2.9g 1.7g
Fat 15.6g 9.4g
     of which saturates 10.6g 6.4g
Fiber 9.3g 5.6g
0.01g 0g

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