Morsels Classic Cheese Mushroom Chips 50g

by Morsels
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Best Before: 13 Jul 2023 / 17 Aug 2023

Morsels Healthy Snacks is a homegrown brand that aims to bring delicious but healthy snacks that support local farmers and local communities. Morsels snacks use healthy cooking techniques such as low tempoerature dehydrating, vacuum cooking and baking to ensure our fruits and vegetables retain their natural properties, vitamins, and minerals while making our snacks acrymalid and carcinogenic free.

Mushrooms are immune boosting super foods. Rich in minerals, high in fiber and vitamin D. Our nourishing and crispy mushroom chips are gently cooked in a low temperature vacuum kettle. This gentle method of cooking preserves the vitamins and nutrients of the mushrooms while giving it an irresistible crunch with every guilt-free bite.

  • Rich in minerals, high in fiber and vitamin D.

Not declared. Still in process of getting macros.

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