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Organic chlorella or chlorella vulgaris is a deep green, single-celled freshwater algae that grows in lakes and ponds. Our broken cell wall chlorella powder is spray-dried from organic whole chlorella plant.

Benefits of consuming chlorella powder:

  1. Great source of protein
    Chlorella is an amazing plant-based protein source that contains 50-60% protein by weight.
  2. Immune system booster
    Chlorella supports the immune system and boosts cell oxygenation. Studies show that short-term supplementation of chlorella increases natural killer (NK) cell activity, proving the immunostimulatory effect of chlorella.
  3. Richest source of chlorophyll
    Chlorella is known to be one of the richest dietary sources of chlorophyll. A true superfood, chlorella contains 10x chlorophyll compared to wheatgrass, barley grass, and alfalfa. Health benefits of chlorophyll include improvement of diabetes and asthma conditions. Also, the chemical structure of chlorophyll is similar to hemoglobin which boosts red blood cell production.
  4. Cell regeneration
    The chlorella growth factor (CGF) present in chlorophyll boasts a lot of health benefits! CGF stimulates cell regeneration and turnover and speeds up wound healing.
  5. Natural detoxifier and antioxidant
    The glutathione present in CGF binds to heavy metal and toxins and excretes them into the urine or bile. Glutathione also helps fight harmful free radicals in the body.

To give your smoothies a boost, start with 1 tsp of chlorella powder & build gradually up to 1 tbsp.

A note regarding its taste: Chlorella, to be honest, doesn't taste great. Because it is an algae, taste is slightly fishy. It has a slightly marine smell.

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