OFFBLAK Sleep Breezy - Chamomile & Peach Flavour Infusion (12 tea temples)


Best Before: 30 Jun 2023

Named one of the Best Sleep Teas by The Independent, they say "this dreamy blend is perfect for whenever you need to wind down".

The best kind of tea is the one that makes you feel like you are about to have a one-hour full body massage. So, turn on the kettle and enjoy while our chamomile and peach tea massages your soul. Best part? It is the fraction of the price of an actual massage.

  • 100 °C Water Temp
  • Brew Time: 5+ minutes
  • Drink hot or top up with ice for iced tea

Lemongrass, Chamomile (15%), Rosehip (15%), Apple Pieces, Flavourings, Blackberry Leaves

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