OFFBLAK Sweet Bliss - Cinnamon & Red Bilberry Flavour Black Tea (12 tea temples)


Best Before: 30 Jun 2023

They say that utility is highest when you have the first bite. We beg to differ. Now serving a black tea that actually makes you feel like you are indulging in that last piece of sweet, soft, red berry tart deliciousness with a hint of pineapple, that is healthy and has no calories (perfect, if you are on a diet!). Eat, sorry, drink up! You’ll love it. It is the perfect dessert replacement if you are looking for weight loss!

  • 100 °C Water Temp
  • Brew Time: 3+ minutes
  • Drink hot or top up with ice for iced tea

Black Tea (75%), Flavourings, Cinnamon (5%), Apple Pieces, Red Bilberry (2%), Orange Flowers, Pineapple Pieces, Blackcurrant Leaves

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