OFFBLAK Wild at Heart - Strawberry & Pink Pepper Fruit Tea (12 tea temples)


Best Before: 30 Jun 2023

What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas. But when you hit the jackpot, you can’t keep quiet. We re-imagined fragrance’s best-kept secret by mixing it with some ruby red strawberries and hibiscus to create a winner combo! This detox, flower and fruit tea is almost as exotic and glamorous as the Bellagio. Almost.

  • 100 °C Water Temp
  • Brew Time: 3+ minutes
  • Drink hot or top up with ice for iced tea

Hibiscus Flower (60%), Apple Pieces, Rosehip, Blackberry Leaves, Blackcurrant Leaves, Flavourings, Strawberry Pieces (1%), Pink Pepper (1%), Safflower

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