Psi Bands Fast Track (set of 2)

  • An "O, Oprah Magazine" O Pick
  • Entrepreneur Magazine calls them a "strokes of genius"
  • As seen on Shark Tank, NY Times, Women's Health Magazine, and more!


Psi Bands are acupressure wrist bands for the relief of nausea due to motion sickness/travel, morning sickness/pregnancy, anesthesia, and chemotherapy. Clinical studies support the use of wrists acupressure in the relief of nausea.

Drug free/natural option. No more drowsiness or dry mouth caused by over-the-counter medications.The plastic is BPA free. No batteries needed.No essential oils added that can cause skin irritation.

  • Uniquely fashionable - available in several fun colors
  • Waterproof - no more soggy wrist bands; wear them showering, sailing, washing dishes, swimming without waterlogged bands
  • Adjustable around the wrist and at the acupressure point for a personalized and comfortable fit. They stay static on the Nei-Kuan acupressure point, the point that is clinically proven to relieve nausea.
  • Reusable. No expiration date. No batteries.
  • Each package contains two sets of Psi Bands; one band is worn on each wrist.
  • Fit wrists up to 7 ½ inches in circumferenc


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