Pure Via Stevia (100 sticks)

by Equal

Best Before: 11 Sep 2021

Pure Via Stevia 100 Sticks, Zero Calorie Sweetener, Stevia Leaf Extract Sweetener, Sugar Substitute, Sugar Free, Diabetic Friendly, Sugar Alternative

  • This 100% Natural zero calorie sweetener is made with stevia extract and erythritol to sweeten your food and drinks.
  • Zero calories, zero sugar, zero cholesterol, zero trans fat
  • Sweetness equivalent: 1 stick (0 Kcal) = 2 tsps sugar (32 Kcal)
  • Suitable for weight maintenance
  • Suitable for sugar intake control
  • Suitable for beverages, savory dishes and desserts
  • Heat tolerant - can be used for cooking and baking

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