PureFit Berry Almond Crunch Protein Bar 57g

by PureFit
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Best Before: 1 Jan 2022

How or why would you add to the perfection of our Almond Crunch Nutrition Bar? Our resident taste-testing bear had an interesting idea: Salmon. We rejected his first suggestion, but his second idea was much better: berries. Since both bears and humans love berries, it was a natural to add the juicy, tart flavor of berries into our Almond Crunch Nutrition Bar. The result is a taste that’s reminiscent of an almond tart topped with — you guessed it, berries. Fuel up on these and you’ll have plenty of energy to skillfully avoid bears and their silly suggestions when you come across them in the wilderness.

  • 18g Protein
  • Vegan
  • Gluten-Free
  • Dairy-Free

Soy protein isolate, beet syrup, almonds, tapioca syrup, soy protein crisps (soy protein isolate, tapioca starch, salt), brown rice syrup, soy nuts, chicory fiber, dried cranberries (cranberries, pineapple syrup), dried raspberries, sunflower oil, natural flavors

Nutrition per 57g bar
Energy 220 kcal
Protein 18.0g
Carbohydrates 24.0g
     of which sugars 16.0g
Fat 7.0g
     of which saturates 0.5g
Fiber 3.0g
Sodium 150mg

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