Raw Bites x Honest Junk Christmas Cookies 100g (Limited Christmas Product)

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  • Limited Edition Christmas Product. Available until 31 Dec 2023 or until supplies last.
  • This is sold as an ala carte. It doesn't come in a Christmas bag or bo packaging. If you wish to order a Christmas bundle, please select the bundles instead.
  • We will¬†ship our your order as soon as you place an order.
  • For bulk orders, please email hello@rawbites.com.ph or contact us

Satisfy your sweet tooth and put the 'merry' in 'Merry Christmas' this year with Raw Bites x Honest Junk's Christmas Cookies! A fresh local favorite for their nutrition-packed snacks, these gluten-free, coconut-sugar infused goodies not only make for a tasty treat, but are also packed with the vitamins you need from goji berries. Put that Christmas guilt to bed and get into the holiday spirit with Raw Bites x Honest Junk's Christmas Cookies!

Coco Cranberry and Goji Berry

Gluten Free Flour, Coconut Sugar, Coconut Oil, Raw Sugar, Goji Berry, Baking Powder

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