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  • Up to 10 healthy snacks delivered monthly
  • Always natural & GMO-free
  • Free shipping to anywhere in the Philippines
  • Weight: 800g (minimum)

Your box may contain any of the following items: energy balls, protein bars, gluten free biscuits, sugar free candies, organic cereals, freeze dried or vacuum fried fruits, raw chocolate, organic chips, and natural nut butters & jams.


Credit card gets charged upon purchase and auto-charged annually from the date of purchase.


Subscription cancellations must be made at least 10 days prior to your subscription renewal date. Please note you can only cancel the following charge (e.g. If you're currently in a annually subscription, we can only cancel the next annually charges but not the current one.) If you complete the cancellation outside the 10-day grace period, the cancellation will go into effect immediately BUT you will still be billed for and receive the following months box / remaining boxes from your subscription. There are no cancellation fees.


Pausing subscriptions available anytime subject to eligibility. The inactive period will just be added on to the total contract duration once your subscription is reactivated. Max. of 60 days freezing per request. An inactivity of 61 days and above will be considered pre-termination and will be subject to applicable fees


Subscriptions are not eligible for refund once payment is made.