Supernature Truffle Rapeseed Oil White Truffle 100ml

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Best Before: 5 Sep 2021 / 17 May 2022

Bursting with pure goodness, the light and buttery taste of our award-winning Original Supernature Oil is infused with the luxurious flavour of white truffle.

Turn your every day dish into something spectacular by adding just a few drops of heaven in a bottle! A simple pasta, omelette, pizza, or risotto is transformed in seconds. For those mushroom lovers out there, this bottle should read just add intensity!

Even more smooth and intense than our Black Truffle Infused Oil, the White Truffle Infused Oil has been awarded a 3 star Great Taste Award, the highest possible grading. It is the only cold-pressed rapeseed oil to have achieved 3 stars and was 1 of only 126 products out of 10,000 entered to achieve 3 star status.

This home grown, nutrient packed oil is the ultimate versatile and truly deliciously healthy alternative to extra virgin olive oil. With half the saturated fat and a high burn point, it’s the only oil you’ll need for frying, roasting, baking or even just dipping and drizzling.

Scottish Cold Pressed Rapeseed Oil, White Truffle, Truffle Aroma

Nutrition per 100ml
Energy 883 kcal
Protein trace
Carbohydrates trace
     of which sugars trace
Fat 100g
     of which saturates 6.3g
     of which Monounsaturated 62.1g
     of which Polyunsaturated 29.3g

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