Takenaka Compact Double Bento (double layers) Light Blue 1.25L


Takenaka Compact Double Bento offers premium-quality durable, vibrant, and timeless bento lunchboxes since 1925. Incorporating beauty of traditional craftsmanship into modern living, these bentos are functional and practical as they are inspiring. Made in Japan.

Material: Plastic: PET, PP, ABS
Size:7.5"W x 4.1"D x 3.8"H
Capacity: 1.25L

Key Features:

  • Microwave and dishwasher safe 
  • Durable and lightweight
  • Compact and compressible (second layer)
  • First container can be used as solo
  • Easy to clean (no square corners)
  • Silicone seal on lid reduces leaks (suitable for thick sauces)
  • Modern design with premium glossy lacquer craftsmanship
  • BPA and Lead Free

Uses: Lunch and snack container for work and outdoors, dry food storage


  • Removable partition (to segregate food)
  • Elastic band to secure containers

Maintenance Tips:

  • Not designed for watery soups
  • Avoid using sharp brush to clean
  • Clean gently with soapy sponge
  • Remove lid when microwaving (not microwave safe)
  • If smell or grease occurs, soak soapy boiling water inside container

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