Zippies Green Vibes Series - Bags With A Mission (3pc Lay Flat Sampler Set | S,M,L)

by Zippies

Set Includes:

  • 1 x Lay Flat Small: L x W: 8.6 x 4.7", 10 oz / 295.7ml
  • 1 x Lay Flat Medium: L x W: 9 x 5.7", 12 oz / 354.9ml
  • 1 x Lay Flay Large: L x W: 9 x 8.2", 32 oz / 946.4ml

We are happy to announce that we are supporting Zippies' launch of their social responsibility program, called Bags With A Mission.

Bags With A Mission aims to champion the power of human kindness by raising funds for environmental causes that their company is passionate about. Projects that will be supported are nature and wildlife preservation and reforestation, to name a few, as it is becoming more and more evident that environmental issues are the root of many social and economic challenges that we have today.

In light of the recent disasters caused by Typhoons Rolly and Ulysses, many of our countrymen were greatly affected, causing them to lose their homes, livelihoods and sadly, many lives as well. And now, they need our help to rebuild their lives and communities. Join us in our advocacy as we launch our new series called Green Vibes which will support our Bags With A Mission Program.

Fifty percent (50%) of the proceeds from this series will be donated for rebuilding programs for typhoon victims. Zippies team will be working together with For the Future PH (@forthefutureph) and Kids for Kids PH (@kidsforkidsph), who work with a network of organizations and communities across the country.

The Green Vibes Sampler Set is Zippies' first series of printed Zippies bags. The bags are designed with cute illustrations suggesting a greener, more sustainable lifestyle, from eating more fruits and veggies, growing a garden, to using everyday sustainable products. 

Help us in this endeavor by purchasing our Green Vibes set as a thoughtful Christmas present for friends and family.

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