Zippies Reusable Stand Up Storage Bag Medium 16oz

by Zippies
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Medium: 16 oz / 473.2 ml
L x W x H: 8.5" x 2.5" x 5"

Zippies reusable pouches are now here! Let's help our Mother Earth in our own little way by reducing our plastic usage.

Zippies are stand-up storage bags that you can use for storing food, and anything that you want to organize. Zippies are food grade and made of PEVA material. It is PVC, lead free, and BPA free. Has double lock closure zip and is freezer safe. Very easy to clean and you can use them over and over again.

How to Clean: Wash, rinse thoroughly and Re-use. It is not heat resistant but if you really want to sterilize it, you may use stick type UV Sterilizer since it doesn't have heat and since it only requires seconds to sterilize it. As an option, you may also add a bit of baking soda when you wash your Zippies pouches.

Zippies reusable pouches are best used for dry goods and items. It is not advisable to use this for sauces and wet goods as it is not completely airtight. There is in fact a small vent on the side since it is meant for vegetable storage that require some air circulation for ideal storage.


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