4 Fab Reasons Why You Should Exercise

4 Fab Reasons Why You Should Exercise

4 Fab Reasons Why You Should Exercise

Why is it so hard to make time for exercise? “Oh, I have no time.” “I’ve got work to do.” “My kids need me, sorry.” “There’s just too much going on at home.” Why don’t we say, “I’ll make time for exercise”?

It all boils down to priorities and what we believe to be important. Usually we believe that the most important, practical thing in this fast-paced world is to make money.

Here are some very good reasons to get up, get out and get moving (at least 30 minutes a day!) and working out.

1. Exercise beats S-T-R-E-S-S. Because exercise allows your body to work all its faculties, it will help you battle the daily stressors you have to deal with. If you’re a family person, this means that exercise makes you more efficient and level-headed as a parent. If you’re a fulltime employee, exercise can help you improve in your performance by giving you more energy to complete your tasks.

2. You’ll be STRONGER.  We all know that exercise helps with weight control and helps protect your body against injuries. When you are working your muscles and joints on a regular basis, they become stronger and more able to take on your rigorous schedule. Did you know that the more you are seated during the work day, the more you need to get your heart rate up through proper exercise? (Yes, that’s true! Sedentary lifestyles account for so many heart problems that could lead to strokes and heart attacks!)

3. You’ll have more mental clarity. Exercise lets your body give off endorphins, which are known as the “feel good” hormones. These of course battle stress, and when we are less stressed, we have more mental clarity. It follows then that when you exercise, you are able to think more clearly afterwards. Just make sure that after you exercise you follow through with a healthy meal that is high in protein, filled with complex “good” carbs, and yes, a hit of natural sugar from any of your Raw Bites snack selections.

4. Even at the office desk or at home, you CAN exercise. Don’t believe us? Try these simple exercises that you can actually do without leaving the office or your home.

4 Fab Reasons Why You Should Exercise

At Home: Instead of just walking your dog, do a mild jog for 20 minutes. Want to watch your favorite Netflix show? Jog in place or do HIIT exercises while watching. As you can see, “no equipment, no excuses.” The key is to move constantly and get your heart rate up for 30 minutes at least five times a week.

4 Fab Reasons Why You Should Exercise

At the office: In the morning, park your car a block or two away from the office building and do a daily brisk walk from the office at the end of the work day. Waiting out the traffic in the office? Hit up a YouTube video and look for “HIIT for beginners” and do high intensity interval training exercises at your desk space. Enroll in an after-work 30 minute HIIT or Zumba session while you’re at it and commit to attending 3 times a week to get a good sweat out before heading off home.

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