1. Where do your items come from? 
    Our items are mostly imported from UK; however, we also work with local brands and/or other importers that meet our standards.
  2. Where else can I purchase your products?
    Please refer to our stockists page to find our products. Please note that price and stock level may vary per retailer.
  3. Where did the subscription box go?
    After two (2) years of delivering healthy snack boxes to your door, we already know what products work well in the market. It’s time for us to focus our efforts with our e-commerce and growing our B2B business with our stockists. We hope you enjoyed your boxes as much as we enjoyed packing them.
  4. How do gift cards work?
    Upon purchase, gift card codes are immediately emailed to the purchaser of the gift card. To give it as a gift, kindly forward or print the code to your recipient. Please note that, for security reasons, we will not know the code for your gift card so please do not lose it.
  5. What is ORGANIC?
    Organic food is produced with natural fertilisers from plants, less energy and more respect for the animals that provide it. All organic farms and manufacturing companies are inspected at least once a year and the standards for organic food are laid down in European law (for our products). Getting organic certification isn’t easy and when you buy an organic product you know what you’re buying really is what it says on the pack.
  6. What is GLUTEN FREE?
    Gluten free means that the product is free of wheat, wheat starch, barley, rye, and any hybrids. When we claim “gluten free” on our products, we have lab tests to certify that it is really safe to eat for those with gluten allergy or intolerance.
  7. Are your products VEGAN or VEGETARIAN friendly?
    Our products will indicate (at the back) if they are vegan or vegetarian friendly. Vegan-friendly products are products that exclude meat, eggs, dairy products and other animal derived ingredients (including honey). Vegetarian-friendly products can eat animal derived ingredients (i.e. egg, milk, honey); they just do not eat animals.
  8. Are your products KETO FRIENDLY?
    We do not specialize in keto diet. Typically, consumers who have keto diet have different needs based on the stage that they are in. Best to ask your physician about this – feel free to take photo of our ingredient list. However, we’ve made suggestions on keto friendly products in our website.
  9. Are your products safe for babies?
    Our products are generally safe for babies; however, note that that there are nuts and other hard pieces that may cause babies, who don’t know how to chew yet, to choke.
  10. When is the expiry date for your products?
    All products have expiry dates on the pack. UK products follow DD-MM-YY format so 04-12-19 is December 4, 2019 and NOT April 12, 2019. Products will have expiry dates listed in the product pages.


  1. How do I change my payment information?
    You can change your payment details every time you make a new purchase.
  2. How do I update my address?
    Login to your account dashboard and click “view addresses” next to your subscription plan then 'Edit' to change your shipping info.
  3. Am I eligible for a refund?
    Raw Bites will replace your order if you are dissatisfied (i.e. expired food). You must notify us within 7 days of receiving the box. Photographs may be requested. If we cannot replace your order, we will issue a refund to your selected mode of payment.
  4. What payment methods do you accept?
    At the moment, we are accepting bank deposit (BPO and BPI) and credit card payments (Visa, Mastercard, AMEX), and COD payments. You will see a charge from “RAW BITES LTD” under your credit card bill.


  1. What courier do you use?
    For MM prepaid orders, we use our riders to deliver your box.  Shipping time from confirmation of payment is 2-3 business days.
    For provincial prepaid order, we use LBC. Shipping time from confirmation of payment is 3-5 business days.
    For COD orders, we use Cliqnship. Lead time may take up to 5 business days, depending on accessibility of the customer.
  2. How do I track my order?
    For MM prepaid orders, please email us at hello@rawbites.com.ph and we’ll track your order as per your order number.
    For provincial prepaid orders, we will input an LBC tracking number upon shipment of your order and you can track from the LBC website.
    For COD orders, we will input an Cliqnship tracking number upon shipment of your order and you can track from the Cliqnship website.
  3. What's your delivery window?
    Our riders deliver from as early as 6AM - 7PM from Monday to Friday. Please note that we avoid having any package picked up from our office on Fridays as we have very limited operations on the weekends. To prevent having your order stored in the warehouse over the weekend, any order placed after 12NN on Thursday will be dispatched on Monday.
  4. Do you ship anywhere in the Philippines?
    Yes we do.


    1. We are a health food business. How can we partner with Raw Bites?
      We’re always on the lookout for new partners. If you want to supply us with your products, please send us your catalogue and price list at hello@rawbites.com.ph. If you want to sell our products, please provide a background on your company and where you’d like to sell our products.
    2. Do you accept consignment purchases?
      We no longer accept consignment purchases for new partners. We will offer 100% return policy for unsold inventory for the 1st 2 orders.
    3. Do you offer payment terms?
      1st 2 purchase orders should be prepaid prior to delivery. Afterwhich, we can agree on payment terms (min. 30 days).
    4. Do you have an MOQ?
      Our MOQ to get our wholesale rate is an invoice value of P10,000. Orders should be done in cases to avoid damage while goods are in transit; however, we allow for mixed cases (i.e. Rebel Kitchen has a case size of 12 units, you can mix flavours in the case).
    5. Do you charge for shipping?
      For orders that reach the MOQ, we will ship for FREE to anywhere in MM. However, for provincial orders, you will need to arrange your own logistics from MM to the final destination.