Anti-Gravity Yoga vs Normal Yoga and Its Benefits

Anti-Gravity Yoga vs Normal Yoga and Its Benefits

Anti-gravity or aerial yoga is basically a routine of traditional yoga poses, pilates and dance that incorporates the use of a hammock. The hammock allows you to do certain yoga poses that are easier to do mid-air, suspended from the ground. Think about a trapeze artist at the circus: It’s something like that!

We all know the benefits of yoga to improve flexibility, lower blood pressure, lower cholesterol, and even to lose weight. With anti-gravity yoga, you get all these benefits plus the added benefit of relaxing your muscles and lengthening them, which is great for people with problems like scoliosis and back pains. (Note: Those who have diagnosed heart failure, spinal problems, and glaucoma should avoid the practice altogether, doctor’s caution.)

Anti-gravity yoga vs normal yoga and its benefits

1. It is a total body workout.

Because of the suspended movements in the air, the anti-gravity method allows for total body and stretching when poses are completed properly. If you want to tone and shape those muscles, this is an awesome way to do it without lifting weights (just use your own body weight, literally!) And because of the absence of gravity, your body releases tension on the bones, allows for more muscle toning and overall flexibility. By using these areas actively during the practice, you can strengthen you core muscles and build flexibility in your shoulder area and spinal cord.

Anti-Gravity Yoga vs Normal Yoga and Its Benefits

2. It alleviates pain and makes your stronger.

Since the exercises are above ground, anti-gravity yoga can ease tension in the spinal cord and hip areas, where we usually experience stress-related pain. The increased amount of stretching and lengthening is made possible in the hammock, which is an added benefit for those who aren’t able to achieve the same kind of effect on the floor mat. In terms of strengthening, the natural core workout that you do in aerial poses is a great post-recovery type of cross-training for athletes. If you do anti-gravitiy yoga as a post-recovery practice on your workout days, it can actually help build up your stamina and enable you to recover faster.

3. It is anti-aging.

Let us explain this in practical terms, because it is in fact TRUE! During any yoga practice, you will generally feel peaceful and happy at the end of a routine. Anti-gravity yoga gives you an added boost of all the happy hormones, like serotonin, oxytocin, and dopamine, resulting in more energy and positive thinking. Since it also improves blood circulation, anti-gravity yoga starts up a natural “detox” process of circulatory and lymphatic systems, which makes your body more efficient at the organ level. Additionally, the focus and attention needed during an aerial yoga practice triggers neural connections in your brain, so in a way, it improves your memory, too! So, if you are mentally happy, heart healthy, and a good memory, you are in fact feeling and looking younger, thanks to the positive effects of this niche in yoga.

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