Avoid these 6 scary cancer-causing snack foods

Avoid these 6 scary cancer-causing snack foods

Avoid these 6 scary cancer-causing snack foods

We all love to eat and eat good food, right? But sometimes "good food" is often the food that has zero value or no nutrition at all, surprisingly. Not that we want to burst your bubble, but it's true: Most of the food we eat will kill us, send us to the hospital, or eventually put us on maintenance meds for conditions like cancer and heart disease. (Sad!) But that's the reason why we came to be the first healthy snacks subscription box in the Philippines is because we really aren't given healthy choices in the first place (and now we do). If by just helping people avoid cancer, we will keep doing this business.

So, what kind of snacks are we not supposed to eat if we want to avoid the big C? Let's list them down here, so that you can avoid them and start on positive alternatives.

1. French Fries

OK, take a breath. We understand. It's hard. But french fries and fried potatoes in any form top the list of cancer causing foods. Aside from being filled with hydrogenated oils and high salt content, they are cooked in high temperatures, which expose them to acrylamide, which is the same toxins found in cigarette smoke and industrial building materials. Studies have shown that this particular toxin contributes to cancer (aside from the fact that potatoes are among the "dirty dozen" of the Environmental Working Group.

2. Deli Meats

It's sad that deli meats are promoted as the choice for breakfast foods and that hot dogs often top the list for the ideal snack food for kids. Why? Because the World Health Organization has confirmed that these types of processed meats — luncheon meat, sausages, ham, bacon —indeed cause cancer. Hot dogs commonly contain sodium nitrite, which is linked to leukemia. Consuming deli meats increases our risk of developing pancreatic cancer by over 60 percent. If we want to eat these types of meat, the recommendation is to learn to make them at home, without adding harmful nitrates or preservatives to them. It will take longer to make them, yes, but well worth the effort for the sake of our health. 

3. White Flour in cakes, breads, cookies, etc.

Hold on before you munch on that chocolate chip cookie or that red velvet cupcake. They are likely made from highly processed flours. Sadly, white flour has a carbohydrate content that leads to increased insulin production, increased likelihood for cancer cell growth, and heightened blood sugar levels. Avoid foods like white bread, white pasta, white rice, which all have similar carb content and therefore cancerous effects on your body. Opt for brown, red, or black rice, whole grain non-GMO flour based breads, and wholewheat or quinao-based pastas instead.

4. Microwave Popcorn

Who would have thought that one of the most popular snack foods in the world could actually be potentiall life-threatening? Microwave popcorn contains perfluorooctanoic acid, a carcinogen, as well as artificial butter. This type of butter synthetic actually contains dangerous chemicals that can damage the lungs, if inhaled. Opt for air-popped corn, and instead season with natural sea salt or with melted butter that is sourced from GMO-free dairy brands.

Avoid these 6 scary cancer-causing snack foods

5. Soda and juices

Sodas contain excessive amounts of refined sugar, as well as fructose. This is a carcinogenic sugar that acidifies the body, which as we all know is what causes our body's cancer cells to multiply (and everyone has cancer cells in their body, actually). The same goes for so-called healthy juices, which are full of the same type of sugar. (Really, it's a Trojan horse when people tout juices as healthy! They're just liquid fructose!) Skip the juices and opt instead to put clean fruits and herbs in your water or your unsweetened carbonated water.

6. GMO Foods

Most of the food we consume in the form of produce and meat proteins have been modified by chemicals to withstand heavy doses of a pesticides (for the produce) and antibiotics (for meats and dairy). Basically, these foods are genetically engineered to contain toxins in them to ward of bugs. These GMO-laden foods have been tested and found to cause tumor growth in lab rats. The pesticide glyphosate, which is the most common pesticide that is used on a majority of crops, has been linked to birth defects, intestinal disease, and even cancers. To avoid exposure to these GMO foods, always go for foods that are certified organic when eating produce or meat proteins.

Avoid these 6 scary cancer-causing snack foods

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