Brand Feature: InSpiral

Brand Feature: InSpiral

We're not just about bringing you healthy, organic, vegan, and everything-good-for-you. We love brands that also love the earth, are intentional about their brand, and of course, have amazing products that our bodies will love and thank us for. Enter, Inspiral, a sustainability-driven company that is about "celebrating the good things in life"the planet, its bounty and its humanity. But they don't stop at inspiring with catchy social media (or the converse: being know-it-alls). As known pioneers of the raw food snack movement in the United Kingdom, the company knows what it's talking about!

"Visionary products"

Brand Feature: InSpiral

Inspiral has a long history, pioneered in the alternative-thinking community in London's underground scene. It began with IDSpiral, an organization that was a microcosm of art, socio-environmentalism, spirituality and nutrition. InSpiral founder Dominik was inspired to create the InSpiral Lounge as a venue for all these disciplines and advocacies, founded around the basic needs that bring people together: food and community. This eventually birthed "InSpiral Visionary Products," which in 2010 began retailing the vegan cafe creations being served in the InSpiral Lounge, and making them available in convenience format. 

With their core values of compassionate consumption, planetary health and lifestyle awareness, InSpiral makes caring for the earth reachable and relatable to everyone, in the same way they have positioned their products. In fact, they are organically-certified for all their products! Their famed kale chip packaging is made from 100% compostable materials, making them one of the pioneers in this type of ecological design.

Interesting facts

Brand Feature: InSpiral

  • Their "world-first" eco-packaging was made possible through crowdfunding, so it was a community effort that brought it to life.
  • Their main process of food prep and preservation is dehydration, a method that preserves its raw food repertoire to as close as nature intended.
  • InSpiral owns the UK’s largest dehydration plant
  • They are experts with dehydration technology. As such, they work with both large companies (who have complex manufacturing standards) and passionate start-ups (who need the expertise and system).
  • They are still a small business, with 30 team members who can help startups develop a product from scratch. 
  • They have an active and meaningful blog filled with recipes that integrate their products in your daily meals, as well as InSpiral news on the latest developments of their brand.

    Sigh. Can we say #BusinessGoals? We're so psyched to be official stockists and the exclusive Philippine distributor of InSpiral's visionary snacks.

    Raw Bites Recommends Inspiral Kale Chips & Coconut Pecks

    Brand Feature: InSpiral

    If "junk food" had any redemptive value, Inspiral would be a savior. If you are seriously looking to curb your junk food habit and are looking to make a clean transition, you're in luck. We've made these two award-winning products available to the Philippine market, exclusively with us at Raw Bites Box! We've raved about Coconut Pecks in a previous blog, so we wanna venerate its sister product, the Kale Chips! A perfect marriage of superfood and "junk food feels," you will benefit from nutrition and health in every bite. So why wait? Stock up on Inspiral snacks before they run out! (Click here to place your orders.)


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