Cold Brew Coffee on-the-go, anyone?

Raise your mug if you’re a coffee lover!

Cold Brew Coffee on-the-go, anyone?

In the ten months we’ve been working on Raw Bites, caffeine-based products have made their way in and out of your subscription boxes and the e-Grocery. And this month, we’re bringing some cold brew coffee all the way from London, England to grace the taste buds of our coffee-loving subscribers. But first, what exactly is cold brew coffee?

Cold brew is a recent trend in the contemporary coffee scene, where coffee is brewed with cold water or at room-temperature for at least 18 hours (can go up to a full day) instead of the usual hot water, as its name suggests. Coffee grounds are slowly saturated with cold water and left to drip over time. The end result is a lighter and sweeter taste with lower acidity of regular brewed coffee. Cold brew coffee is found to be up to 67% less acidic than the usual hot brew coffee, making it healthier (and kinder) to your stomach and teeth. The temperature makes it perfect for the hot weather in our country, a perfect way of beating the heat while still getting your caffeine fix. The best part is that you can keep it in your fridge, and the taste will stay the same.

While new to most of the Western world, cold brew coffee has been present in Asian culture for centuries. In the 17th century, Dutch ships found that the Japanese have been making cold brew since up to the early 15th century. It wasn’t as popular as it is today, since most of the popular citizens of the colonizing countries turned up their noses on the new brew. This isn’t surprising, since the cold climate of the West didn’t lend to an appreciation for cooler drinks to accompany their breakfast. Since people at this time didn’t have access to refrigerators, they’d prefer to heat it up right before the coffee was served. The flexibility of cold brew is what makes coffee houses across the US to go cold when it comes to their coffee. You can keep it cold with ice, at room temp, or heat it up before serving. The light and sweet flavor will remain the same way.

Cold Brew Coffee on-the-go, anyone?

Together with Minor Figures, we’re bringing cold brew coffee to the Philippines all the way from the UK. They sell very affordable and long-lasting coffee, but with flavor truly competitive to the quality of artisanal coffee. Catch the delectable Minor Figures Cold Brew Coffee with every February subscription box! How’d you like your cold brew?


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