Detox or not: Make the decision

Detox or not: Make the decision

“Detox” is such a trendy word these days, isn’t it? We’ve all probably gone on some kind of detox, whether it’s from technology, too much social media, unhealthy food, and (let’s be honest) from toxic people.


But let’s talk about detoxing our bodies, since it’s probably the most misunderstood health practice out there. Thanks to platforms like Instagram and to small businesses, our idea of a detox is likely limited to a juicing “cleanse” or a raw food diet of some sort. While all these have their benefits, detoxing should never compromise the food based guidelines as outlined by the FAO (Food and Agriculture Organizations of the United Nations). Of course, the cases may vary, but always consult your doctor if you are doing a detox of any sort.

“So, how do I decide whether or not to detox?”

Here are four scenarios wherein you might consider doing bi-annual, guided detoxes suitable for your health conditions.

Lemon drink

If you suffer from immune system deficiencies...

Going on a detox can help those suffering from allergies, for instance, to cleanse their system from parasites and other imbalances in their digestive systems that may cause flare ups, rashes and other manifestations. (Parasites may cause allergies and other autoimmune disorders because of intestinal infections).

If you are preparing to lose body mass, specifically inches...

Detoxes can be done before a guided and appropriate weight and fat loss regimen. Detoxifying can prepare your body for the process of losing weight by cleansing the body of toxins. (At best, it also prepares you with the mindset for losing weight.)


If you are suffering with conditions like gout, diabetes, and the like...

These two conditions are generally interlinked and common among Filipinos, no thanks to our generally unhealthy, high-sugar diets and sedentary lifestyle. As such, gout and type 2 diabetes are common in our population. A detox can help diabetics and gout sufferers (including those with high blood pressure, too) to help boost the immune system. In increased intake of vitamin C as well helps to improve proper absorption of iron (for blood health), and collagen efficiency (to combat joint pain).

If you are regularly constipated...

Don’t laugh; it’s a serious condition. Being constipated on a regular basis does damage to your large intestine. Imagine all the rotting food accumulated through the years, that has not been properly expelled and is stuck in your intestines. (Scratch that, don’t imagine it. Gross!) But really, because of diet imbalances, a lot of people struggle with being blocked up, which could make them prone to colon cancer. A proper detox that is fiber- and nutrient-rich can help minimize such risks.

I hope we’ve given you some ideas on when you could do a detox. As always, consult a nutritionist first before going on any type of detox program, because everyone’s body has different needs.


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