From Us to You: Our Special Holiday Boxes

From Us to You: Our Special Holiday Boxes

This Christmas, why not give your loved ones the gift of health -- a gift sure to stand out among the cookies and sweets they’ll be receiving over the holidays? With the Raw Bites Christmas Boxes, we’ve gone beyond thoughtful as we curated the different box sets for the many different people in your life.

During this season when we’re given the free reign to eat whatever we want during festivities, let us not forget to be kind to our bodies. Eat some healthy snacks in between meals. And if you’re feeling generous this year, giving a Christmas Box to all your loved ones is the perfect way to wish them a healthy and long life. Here’s a list of what we have in store for you:

A box for the little one...

From Us to You: Our Special Holiday Boxes

Give your little bundle of joy a box of their own this Christmas, filled with six (6) healthy snacks to keep their endless energy up. The individual snacks are perfect for him to munch on during car trips to your family gatherings.

Boxes for the ladies...

From Us to You: Our Special Holiday Boxes

We’ve come up with two box options for the women in your life. You can choose between six (6) or nine (9) snacks to gift to your mom, sister, friend, or ninang .

Boxes for the guys...

From Us to You: Our Special Holiday Boxes

For the dudes, two boxes (comes with either six or nine snacks) are ready to be gifted! A fitting gift for your brother, dad, uncle, husband, or boyfriend who are always ready for new adventures.

And baskets for the family

From Us to You: Our Special Holiday Boxes

For your awesome family, we have several bundles to choose from. Pick from our 12 and 20 assorted healthy snack bundles to share or give out on your next family reunion. Each bundle comes in our special red Christmas box, while the family bundles come in a sealed basket for your convenience. Flavors will vary from box to box to keep it a surprise for everyone!

We will be accepting orders for this special holiday box until December 15, but we recommend you reserve the boxes you want as early as now. Happy Holidays!

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