Hello, Aloe: Key benefits of Aloe Vera

Hello, Aloe: Key benefits of Aloe Vera

Hello, Aloe: Key benefits of Aloe Vera
Aloe vera is one of the world's oldest superfoods, having been famously consumed and used by Cleopatra, according to historical tradition. For centuries, it has been used as a remedy for internal wellness, as a beauty treatment, a cleansing agent, and as a key ingredient in health drinks. There are so many benefits, and here are some that we love the most because they do help to improve the overall quality of our lives.
  • Hair growth. Aloe vera has naturally-occurring "proteolytic enzymes." These cleanse the scalp from dead skin cells (which prevent itching), and because they are natural conditioners they reduce dandruff and promote smoother strands.
  • Youthful skin. The gel of the aloe vera plant has naturally-occurring properties that promote skin renewal, anti-aging, as well as anti-inflammatory benefits that can help relieve eczema, pimples and other skin conditions.
  • Lowered blood pressure. According to studies, aloe vera juice may be an effective natural remedy for high blood pressure. Because it contains a high amount of vitamin C, it improves blood circulation.
  • Lowered cholesterol. The Journal of Nutritional Science and Vitaminology published a study on aloe vera, with clinical results showing that it lowered the liver's production of cholesterol. This means that aloe vera could actually decrease high cholesterol levels (while increasing the good HDL cholesterol), and also bring down triglyceride levels. 
  • Digestion aid. Aloe vera helps to relieve constipation. This is a big deal because chronic constipation can sometimes lead to complications like intestinal damage, or even leaky gut syndrome (which is when toxins can enter the bloodstream through "leaks" from the damaged intestinal wall). 

A word of caution: As with any natural substances, you can overdose on aloe vera, if taken as a food product or beverage. An overdose can cause diarrhea, or even indigestion and dehydration. Make sure to only consume the recommended daily allowance. You can more easily do this when to take aloe vera products that are packaged into portions.

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Hello, Aloe: Key benefits of Aloe Vera

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