Herbal Drinks vs. Energy Drinks

Herbal Drinks vs. Energy Drinks

Herbal Drinks vs Energy Drinks

We all get that mid-morning and mid-afternoon feeling of drowsiness, especially when we’re stressed to the nines. But before you reach for just any energy drink at your convenience, think again. Did you know that the average energy drink (e.g. Lipovitan, Red Bull) has the sugar equivalent of more than ten icing-stuffed cookies?! It might make you feel energized for about 60 minutes, but then the sugar crash will make you feel much worse afterwards. Plus, you’ll suffer damaging side effects such as higher blood pressure, potential insomnia, and heightened irritability. Not worth it.  

Switch to herbal drinks

The healthier alternatives are herbal drinks. Unlike conventional energy drinks that are loaded with additives, artificial ingredients such as low-grade caffeine and processed sweeteners, herbal drinks are unadulterated and made by utilizing herbalist knowledge. Herbalism (the study and use of plants for medicinal purposes) is a practice spanning thousands of years. Through experimentation and scientific study, modern herbalism has allowed nutritionists to pinpoint which naturally-occurring substances in plants have proven biological results! This is why the “proactive health” movement (sometimes called alternative health, natural medicine, etc) is highly effective in modern times, and why herbs now play an effective role in preventive wellness.

Herbal drinks contain the recommended amounts of vitamins and minerals, sans processed sugar, that will create a positive, health-enhancing effect on the body.

Raw Bites Recommends: Herbal Fix

Herbal Fix

Thanks to our subscription box, you can enjoy the benefits of herbal drinks through the Herbal Fix line of innovative health beverages. Aside from being free from processed sugars, these convenient canned drinks are packed with natural ingredients and made from certified organic herbs. Plus, they are enhanced with natural vitamin content, so with each gulp, you are healthier.

Herbal Fix is an Australian brand, therefore the products are produced with the strictest of protocols for organic food and beverages. Pioneered by founder Paul Kavadas in 2013, the range of herbal drinks is backed by his knowledge and research as a herbalist, and the expertise of his wife, a compounding pharmacist. Knowing this, you’re sure of the quality and efficacy of these drinks, and you can choose from a range of possible after-effects.

LOVE has packed a unique blend of herbs, vitamins and minerals into a can which are known to enhance sexual drive, stimulate loving & intimate desires.
BEAUTY enhances your skin with a combination of organic herbs, vitamins and minerals specially formulated for lovers of beautiful skin – all in a can.
SHAPE is a refreshing blend of organic herbs, vitamins and minerals specially formulated for those working towards getting in shape.
ACTIVE is redefining energy drinks, by combining a unique blend of herbs and vitamins that are known assist your active lifestyle in a healthy way.
FOCUS has combined organic herbs, vitamins and minerals specially formulated for moments of focus and thought.
RELAX is a delicious blend of organic herbs, vitamins and minerals specially formulated for moments of relaxation and calm.

Raw Bites is the exclusive distributor of Herbal Fix in the Philippines. We’re psyched to bring them to you in our boxes. Order your Raw Bites box today!

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