How Are Olives Good For You?

How Are Olives Good For You?

Olives - whole unprocessed olives - are not usually the first products we think to buy when strolling through the grocery aisles. The honor goes to olive oil, with its flexible uses in the kitchen and the added taste it gives to the dishes you cook. Nevertheless, olives have several health benefits that not many people know about. Whether whole or oil version, here are some health benefits you can get when you snack on these green-y goodness:

How Are Olives Good For You?

1. They are good for your heart.

Olives possess monounsaturated fatty acids that are connected to lowering bad cholesterol while maintaining a healthy level of good cholesterol. The powerful antioxidants in olives also protect your heart against chronic inflammation, a key factor that can trigger heart disease.

2. They improve and promote blood circulation.

Olives can increase nitric oxide production which promotes blood flow into your muscle tissue; this effect will become evident when doing cardio exercises. This also lowers the risk of chronic disease.

How Are Olives Good For You?

3. They keep your brain strong and healthy.

Since olives can reduce inflammation, this also protects the muscle tissue found in important parts of your body such as your heart and brain. They also have Vitamin E, an antioxidant linked to improving cognition which may prevent the development of conditions such as dementia, Alzheimer’s, and Parkinson’s disease.

4. They’re good for your eyesight.

Olives contain a good amount of Vitamin A which are good for improving your eyesight. The antioxidants found in olives can reduce muscular degeneration brought by age, preventing the formation of cataracts while maintaining the health of the optic nerves.

5. They strengthen your bone density.

The polyphenols found in olives stimulate healthy bone formation and metabolism, reducing the chances of osteoporosis development.

6. They can help you control your appetite.

The healthy, flavorful fats found in olives and extra virgin olive oil can help keep you satiated longer when you use them in your meals. Snacking on the whole fruit can provide you with the 15% of your required serving of dietary fiber.

How Are Olives Good For You?

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