How to "Eat" the Rainbow

How to "Eat" the Rainbow

How To Eat In Rainbow

Good health begins with good food, and eating healthy doesn’t have to be complicated. You can keep things easy with one simple rule – Try and eat the rainbow every day. Read on for to know how.

Add some red to your plate.

Lycopene, vitamin C and vitamin A are only a few wonderful nutrients you can get from red colored food. These help fight bad cholesterol, lower blood pressure, and strengthen the immune system. Get your red food fix from tomatoes (and yes, that includes ketchup!), red bell peppers, apples and watermelons.

Include a little bit of orange.

What health benefits do you get from orange food? There’s beta-carotene that helps improve vision, fiber that aids in digestion, and antioxidants that help prevent diseases. Top picks for orange foods are oranges (of course), carrots, pumpkin and turmeric.

Say hello to yellow.

Eat yellow for your daily dose of anti-inflammatory bromelain, antioxidant carotenoids, and heart-healthy potassium. Bananas, pineapples, egg yolks, and lemons are some amazing yellow food options.

How To Eat In Rainbow

Go green.

You already know how good kale, spinach and other leafy vegetables are for the body, but your options for green foods don’t end there. There are also avocadoes that give you potassium and healthy fats, and green tea that helps fight against diabetes and boost weight loss.

Violet and blue are good for you, too.

Loaded with antioxidants like lutein and flavonoids, as well as fiber and vitamin C, blue and violet foods are definitely good for you. Grapes (and red wine!), blueberries, eggplants and beets are just a few of your delicious blue and violet food choices.

Welcome more white.

You shouldn’t shun white foods because they aren’t as bright and vibrant as the previously mentioned colors. Powerfully good for you, foods like cauliflower, garlic and onions can help fight cancer with their antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. And don’t forget all the health benefits of coconut, from helping to manage your blood sugar levels to keeping your body well-hydrated.

How To Eat In Rainbow

Bet on brown and black.

As with white food, black and brown foods have a lot to offer. Black beans are good for the heart. Coffee and dark chocolate are packed with antioxidants. Black rice has been found to help cleanse the liver, and is said to be even better than brown rice. These are but a few reasons why you should add brown and black foods into your daily diet.
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