How to Survive V-Day When You’re Single

How to Survive V-Day When You’re Single

Most people look forward to Valentine’s Day. Some don’t. Some have declared it as Single Awareness Day, as the droves of couples storming the malls and other public attractions remind other people on their single pringle-ness. If you’re flying solo this V-Day 2019, here are some suggestions on how to spend your day.

1. Treat yourself to a me-date.

Self Love

It’s #self-love2019 so treat yo’ self this Valentine’s with your fave restaurant food, a shopping spree, or a movie marathon wherever you wish. Go to a yoga class to stretch those muscles and have a short meditation session to clear your mind. Read a book you’ve been interested in but have put off until now.

2. Have a movie marathon.

Netflix Marathon

Power up Netflix and watch all the movies on your to-watch list. Pick a category that provides a big selection: from the Harry Potter movies to all the Disney movies, the options are endless. You can also binge-watch a TV series you missed during the first wave. Have a food spread that will recreate the movie theater experience, from popcorn with a big glass of soda or iced tea that will last you through a movie or two.

3. Practice the KonMari method on your belongings.

KonMari Method

Since you have a few hours freed up, why not try organizing your space? A cleaner, neater room does wonders for the mind as clutter tends to add undue stress unconsciously. Come tomorrow morning, you’ll wake up to a brighter environment and a more positive attitude.

4. Gather your other single friends and have a group date!

Sex and the City

Call your friends for that needed catch-up session. Whether in your favorite restaurant or in one of your houses, your friends will provide a lot of laughter throughout your conversation. Cook your meal together or try baking a new pastry that can serve as your ​merienda​. Open up your drink of choice, just let the day flow through while you spend it with your nearest and dearest.

5. Have a pamper session!

Pamper Session

Make an appointment for a massage to get those tight muscles loosened up or get a facial treatment in one of the aesthetic clinics around town. A haircut, manicure, and pedicure to polish up and get that quick transformation before the 15th comes. You deserve it after all the hard work you’ve done in the office!

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