Indoor Exercises for the Rainy Season

Indoor Exercises for the Rainy Season

You're probably missing those runs in the park or around the CBD after-office and on the weekend, thanks to this bed-weather-worthy rainy season. But don't let that limit you from getting your calorie-burn. Here are five high-and-dry indoor workout suggestions you can do anytime, rain or shine.

1. YouTube Workout Channels.

Fitness Blender

YouTube is filled with great options for workouts that you can do at home. Some of the popular channels are the likes of Fitness Blender, which is a husband & wife team who have 25 years of fitness training experience and create new workout videos each week for their over 4 million subscribers! Others are's channel, the PopSugar Fitness channel, and a variety of at-home circuit training and HIIT-inspired workouts. You can spend hours looking for workouts, but don't get caught up in the search: Choose one and GO!

2. Nike Training App.

Nike Training App

This app is an amazing tool that gets updated daily with free workouts that you can choose from based on focus area, range, difficulty, and equipment. It's also supported by a global community that organizes free workout days in certain gyms, both indoor and outdoor! Check out the local listings for Manila's Nike Training Club weekly workout dates, depending on your city. It's a great way to workout in a communal setting and to meet new friends, we might add!

3. The good old gym.

There are tons of gyms all over that you can choose from, from your neighborhood bakal gym to your globally-branded chain gyms. These days, gyms are getting more functional in their workout amenities, so you have a lot of options. We suggest scheduling at least three times a week at the gym to focus on your cardio, your strength training, and your stretching and toning. It's a great way to learn how to use gym equipment properly, and to also be in close proximity to coaches and trainers on standby, if you're looking for some kind of accountability.

4. Boxing.

Boxing is a great total body workout, and like the good old gym, you can go for your super basic barangay box to your branded options, depending on your budget. At the end of the day, you get the same workout that burns fat (boxing can burn up to 500 calories per session), builds muscle and bones, ups your heart rate for good cardio health), core strengthening, and our favorite, relief from stress!

5. Indoor cycling classes. 

Electric Studio

While nothing really replaces the thrill of outdoor cycling, during the rainy season we don't recommend it, lest we put ourselves at risk for falls and slips. Thank God the local scene is ready with indoor cycling and spinning classes, which are great alternatives. Since these spinning studio workouts are are designed to be as challenging as your usual outdoor ride, you'll no doubt experience the same kind of climbs and sprints, without the risks. 

Raw Bites Recommends: Electric Studio 

Electric Studio

Located in BGC, Electric Studio is the first indoor cycling boutique in the Philippines offering a full-body fitness experience. If you're looking to break out a good sweat and a full-body workout, then avail one of their high-intensity, full-body workouts, set to music and focused on movement & motivation in a class environment. Expect the use of choreography during sessions, as this strengthens the core, and the use of weights to build upper-body strength. We're happy to say that Electric Studio has partnered with Raw Bites, so you can expect certain perks when you cycle with them!

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