We’re back for more birthday surprises from us to our followers for our first birthday! If you’ve read our previous post on the free fitness classes, we know you’re super excited to see what else we have in store. We’ve hinted at it in the post, but in case you missed it, we’re hosting a series of giveaways in the month of April to celebrate our birthday with our subscribers.


So what does the giveaway entail? To start with, the prizes will be a specially curated box from your favorite Raw Bites brands. We have goodies from First Harvest, Take Root, and The Green Company to keep spreading the love for unboxing healthy everywhere!

But wait - since it’s our first anniversary, we decided to go bigger with the prizes. We’ve partnered up with two of the biggest fitness brands in the country for this very special giveaway. We’re very happy to announce that we’ll be including loot from Keds and MillenX in the weekly prizes! As you may know, Keds is a very popular shoe brand that specializes in making super comfy sneakers. Athleisure is made all the more awesome when you have a pair of Keds on your feet. The other big prize will be coming from the sportswear brand MillenX, who’s been making a name for themselves as THE local sportswear line of the Philippines.

Now, how exactly are you going to get a chance to win these awesome prizes? The answer is simple: Instagram! We will be hosting one Instagram contest every week to our followers. We will be posting a question each week, and the Top 10 answers will be the lucky winners of the box of the week. Each question will give you a clue to what’s inside the boxes. And since you took the time to read this blog post, we’re giving you a hint on what’s to come: power ups, veggies, and candies are best shared with your best pal!

Make sure to follow us on Instagram for any announcements regarding the giveaways. While you’re there, make sure to like our posts too! Cheers to being a year older, Raw Bites!

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