Martin's Apple Chips (and why we love them)

Martin's Apple Chips (and why we love them)

We love working with brands that have a heritage. In our opinion, it makes sense to partner with a brand that has been around for a long time, with a history of success, but at the same time has been able to retain its origins and core values despite modern advances in industry, especially in the food industry. We know that the food quality we have today isn't the same as what our ancestors ate, when there was less pollution, less impact on our natural resources, and let's face it, less chemicals in our food!

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And so, this is why we've chosen to bring in Martin's Apple Chips as a part of the Raw Bites family of alternative snacks. Their company history goes as far back is pre-Industrial Revolution days — 1820, to be exact — and since then this family-owned business has kept true to its "promise to Mother Nature" to keep their orchards a testament to good old-fashioned care for the earth and its natural goodness.

Check out their Food Network video for a look at how the apples go from pluck to package!

When you think about it, that's nearly 200 years of no-compromise cultivating of land, unspoiled by modern advances and farming machinery. The Martin Family Fruit Farm orchard apples are refreshingly sweet and juicy, and what began as a single tree in 1820 blossomed to 100 trees in 1971 (when the company was formed) to over 700 acres today.

Truly a CHIP of the old block, (we have sooooo much pun talking about Martin's! LOL.)  Martin's Apple Chips go through a very hands-on process from pluck to packaging. All apples are freshly-picked in season, and through their unique dehydration method, the chips retain that sweet-tarty original flavor. The chips are versatile, and can be served on their own, atop oatmeals and cereals, with roasted meats (apples are a traditional "partner food" for roast loins and poultry), and with wine & cheese.

Why Eat Apples?

And, if that story isn't inspiring enough, apples are an amazing fruit altogether. 

  • There are 4 grams of dietary fiber in an average, medium-sized apple, and at only 95 calories, they are a filling, satisfying snack. For those trying to lose weight, they promote satiety and curb cravings.
  • They conveniently fulfill our daily fruit requirement. One apple equals 1 cup of our daily fruit quota as adults (which is 2 cups of fruit daily, for those with the recommended 2,000 calorie daily food intake). 
  • Scientists and the medical community have studied apples for years and years, and have found that their antioxidant content helps to manage cholesterol levels, control inflammation (which leads to migraines, aneurysm, strokes). Furthermore, they are an immune-boosting vitamin C-loaded piece of produce, containing around 14% our daily requirement.
  • Apples naturally boost your energy levels, thanks to the antioxidant quercetin that enables more oxygen in the lungs. 

    Martins Apple Chips

    Here in the Philippines, only Raw Bites carries Martin's Apple Chips! So if you're craving for the best apple chips you can find locally, look no further. Get your Raw Bites Box today, order now and do yourself the favor of giving yourself all the health perks of "an apple a day."

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