Meet The Power of Tea

Meet The Power of Tea

Heath & Heather is a brand that was founded in 1920 by Samuel Ryder, an entrepreneur who made his fortune by selling garden seeds in 'penny packets'. Samuel's elder brother, James, was a passionate herbalist who authored books on Herbal Remedies. After World War I, people were looking for natural and preventative healthcare, and James' books provided them with the knowledge they needed.

Today, Heath & Heather still retains the same passion for herbs and botanicals that its founding family had back in the early 1900s. The brand follows traditional principles of growing natural and organic ingredients, which are then used to provide effective Herbal Remedies to a modern-day population that requires natural solutions to enhance health and wellness.

Heath & Heather's commitment to using only natural and organic ingredients is reflected in their range of teas, which are made using only the finest quality herbs and botanicals. The brand takes pride in its ability to provide customers with a wide selection of teas that are not only delicious but also beneficial to their health.

In a world where people are constantly on-the-go and under stress, Heath & Heather's Herbal Remedies provide a natural way to enhance health and wellness. The brand's commitment to quality and purity ensures that customers can trust in the effectiveness of their products.

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