Pick Your Poison from StrangeLove Organic Softdrinks

Pick Your Poison from StrangeLove Organic Softdrinks

A while back, we talked about the benefits of organic versus regular soda and talked about Strangelove, the Australian brand that specializes in making craft soft drinks. This special range of colas are perfect for mixing into cocktails or alone - if that’s your thing.

Pick Your (Healthy) Poison from StrangeLove’s Organic Softdrinks

Their quirky packages really embodies their brand as it pays homage to the classics yet shakes things up with their innovative take on what makes a great drink, with a hint of eccentricity thrown in the mix. It’s relatable yet different, making their drinks stand out on the supermarket shelves and attention-grabbing for the everyday consumer. And surely, you’d want to share it with your friends as soon as you grab one.

Strangelove utilizes local Australian produce as their ingredients in making their drinks. They make use of natural sugars from organic fruit juice, unrefined and organic, therefore having lower sugar content than the usual commercial drinks we have in the market. This ensures that every ingredient they use is high quality, authentically organic, if not biodynamic.

Pick Your (Healthy) Poison from StrangeLove’s Organic Softdrinks

We currently have two of their drinks available in the Raw Bites e-Grocery, the organic Ginger Beer and Blood Orange & Chili. Their other flavors are as eclectic as you would expect from a quirky brand like theirs. It includes Smoked Cola, Lemon Squash, Bitter Grapefruit, and Classic Cola. These are good to mix in cocktails and long drinks but are also great on their own. You can amaze your friends with your unique concoctions on your next gathering or give your health buff friends more options to choose their drinks from, since they check two of our criteria: organic and vegan-friendly.

In fact, if you want to try making cocktails with StrangeLove’s softdrinks, they have recipes up on their website for tried and true mixtures. Head on over to their website, strangelove.com.au, for suggestions on your next cocktail menu.

Strangelove is available on our e-grocery and in select Robinsons Selections branches across the Metro. We also featured them in our November Box so make sure to tell us your thoughts on Instagram!

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