The Benefits of Cold Press

If you’re into fitness, meditating, or simply living a healthy lifestyle, cold press products are a great way to start. With many brands coming up with new, healthier alternatives for the food and beverage industry, there are a lot of options for you to get your daily nutrients from your diet. The cold press process is by far one way of preparing packaged drinks that maximizes the amount of nutrients and enzymes direct from the source.

The Benefits of Cold Press

The difference between liquids that are juiced and that are cold pressed is the extraction used in the process. Traditional juice extraction use blades, and the premise is that it will generate heat that breaks down the enzymes you want the juice to contain. The main nutrient that comes with the extraction is Vitamin C, which is very sensitive to heat and light.

On the other hand, the best thing about cold pressed extraction is that you get to keep all the nutrients from the fruits and vegetables. Without the presence of heat, the enzymes will still be present once packaged and shipped to you. You’ll definitely get the bang for your buck and you’ll, for sure, get the real deal -- cold press juices are made of fruits and vegetables with no added sugar or additives and food bars/balls are made of the raw product.

You heard that right! Food can also be cold pressed. The raw ingredients are crushed and formed into the desired shape before being put into its protective packaging. Cooking oils can also be cold pressed. Traditional oil extraction utilizes heat, which can degrade the oil’s flavor and nutritional quality. From sesame oil to olive oil, it can be cold pressed by taking the seed or nut and crushing it to produce its natural oil.

The Benefits of Cold Press

Want to try some cold pressed products? We’ve got you covered. Bondi Bliss Balls are available in our e-Grocery so head on over and score some! We’ve also partnered up with Pure Nectar juices this month to bring cold pressed juices to our subscribers. They’re a local brand that is taking the juice industry by storm so let’s keep an eye out for them.


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