The Tree That Keeps On Giving

Awhile back, we talked about how freeze-dried snacks are the future of kids’ snacks on the ​blog​. For a quick recap, freeze drying is a preservation process that eliminates most of the moisture from a food product to give it a longer shelf life without compromising flavor and nutritional benefits. We’ve been privileged to be able to work with brands who have utilized this technique on fruits and vegetables so we have more healthy snack options in the market. One of these brands is The Giving Tree. We’ve featured them quite frequently in our past Raw Bites boxes and sold them in our online grocery and there isn’t any doubt that we love this brand a lot!

The Tree That Keeps On Giving

We recently launched a new flavor of their well-loved products on our e-Grocery and their Strawberry Crisps will be making an appearance in your Raw Bites boxes real soon! So how is it possible for strawberries to become crunchy? The Giving Tree picks out the freshest fruits in the farm, cleans them, and slices them up to make bite-sized portions. These slices are then “vaporized” in a vacuum chamber at -45°C. This takes out at least 98% of the natural moisture found in the fruit, making it last longer inside the package. The freeze-dried slices are then sealed in moisture and oxygen proof packaging to preserve the freshness of the fruit. Each pack has 70 calories per 18 grams.

One of our favorite things about The Giving Tree’s products is that you can consume them in different ways. Eating them as is lets you experience the crispiness of the contents. But if you add other ingredients, like cream for the strawberries, the flavor is enhanced and gets your tastebuds dancing happily. Toddlers can also get to enjoy these freeze-dried goodies since they can easily nibble or suck on the pieces that quickly dissolve on the tongue.

The Tree That Keeps On Giving

If you’re getting excited to try them out, we’ve got more surprises in store for you! We’re getting ready to launch The Giving Tree’s Peach Crisps soon, so keep your eyes peeled for these freeze-dried peachy goodness. You’ll definitely see them in your Raw Bites boxes and the Raw Bites e-Grocery in the future.


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