Wonderhome Bottle Exchange Program ♻️

Wonderhome Bottle Exchange Program ♻️

Wonderhome Naturals Bottle Exchange Program

Raw Bites is happy to participate in Wonderhome Naturals Bottle Exchange program. Wonderhome Naturals is widely known for being a natural and sustainable product and while we cannot offer bottle refilling at the moment, here are the mechanics for this program.

  1. Clean your empty Wonderhome bottles.
  2. Fill up this form for order validation and drop off schedule.
  3. Drop the cleaned empty Wonderhome bottles.
  4. Wait for our email (within 2 business days) for the 5% voucher. Please note that the discount is valid only on the same product you've exchanged.
  5. Use the voucher in any of our shops (Lazada, Shopee and www.rawbites.com.ph)
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