Unboxing April 2018

Unboxing April 2018
💚 Here's what's inside our April box 💚
Saddle Row 15% OFF on all package except 1st-timer, drop-in, and flash sales
Superfood Grocer 20% OFF for a min spend of P1,500 at www.superfoodgrocer.com
Rose's Kitchen 15% OFF on your order
Keds P500 off on any purchase in-store
1. LUV SUM | cashew coconut protein ball (source of protein & fibre, GF)
LUV SUM | cashew coconut protein ball
2. PULSIN | superberry brownie bar (GF • V)
PULSIN | superberry brownie bar
3. BEOND | blueberry fruit & nut bar (GF • O • V)
BEOND | blueberry fruit & nut bar
4. MINOR FIGURES | cold brew coffee with milk (O)
MINOR FIGURES | cold brew coffee with milk
5. SIMPLEE ALOE | aloe vera water (low sugar, bioactive aloe, V)
SIMPLEE ALOE | aloe vera water
6. OR TEA | lychee white peony tea (O • V)
OR TEA | lychee white peony tea
7. CANDY KITTENS | sweet peach POP bag (GF • V)
CANDY KITTENS | sweet peach POP bag
8. ANGELIC COOKIES | double chocolate cookies (GF • V)
ANGELIC COOKIES | double chocolate cookies
9. VIVANI | white nougat crisp rice choc (O • V)
VIVANI | white nougat crisp rice choc
10. LIZI'S GRANOLA | mango macadamia granola sample pack (V)
LIZI'S GRANOLA | mango macadamia granola sample pack
11. URBAN FRUIT | magnificent mango baked fruit ( 1 serving of fruit • GF • V)
URBAN FRUIT | magnificent mango baked fruit
12. INSPIRAL | beetroot & acerola kale chips (GF • O • V)
INSPIRAL | beetroot & acerola kale chips
13. USARES FARMS | skinless roasted pili nuts (O • V)
USARES FARMS | skinless roasted pili nuts
14. ROSE'S KITCHEN | creamy pili cashew nut butter (all-natural)
ROSE'S KITCHEN | creamy pili cashew nut butter
15. FOUNDING FARMERS | shitake mushroom crisps (GF • V)
FOUNDING FARMERS | shitake mushroom crisps
All our snacks contain natural sugars, no preservatives, or no artificial flavour. Don't want to miss another Raw Bites box? Subscribe NOW!  


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